"I'm So Proud Of You": Arnold Schwarzenegger Celebrates With His Son Patrick On His Birthday

Date September 19, 2018

Most Arnold Schwarzenegger fans immediately think about rippling muscles and epic one-liners. However, the Austrian-born former California Governor is every bit the family man. Once he was married to Maria Shriver, a relative of the Kennedys, and he shares four children with her.


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Katherine Schwarzenegger is the eldest, born in 1989. Then, there is Christina, born in 1991, then Patrick – in 1993, and finally, Christopher – in 1997. The action star also has another son, Joseph Baena, from an affair.


On Tuesday, the Terminator actor shared this sweet tweet with his son Patrick, who has just turned 25. The loving father showed his fans a tender side, which rarely shines through his hard-shelled characters on television.

Arnold Schwarzenegger has always maintained a healthy relationship with his children, despite his divorce. He often makes appearances with them at events, as well. Back in 2013, he attended the European premiere of The Last Stand with his son Patrick.

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Fans joined in

Schwarzenegger fans are also sending in their congratulatory messages to Patrick, and some have even expressed their hope that the muscle-bound hero would return to his role in another Terminator movie.

Patrick is trying out his hands in acting. However, he spends most of his time managing a clothing business he started at the age of 15. Who knows, he just might be the next cyborg to save the world.

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