Aretha Franklin's Lawyer Explains Why The Late Icon Did Not Prepare A Will Before Her Death

Date September 5, 2018 12:31

Fans of the late Aretha Franklin are still reeling in the reality that one of America’s greatest icons is no more. The late diva reportedly had amassed a net worth about $80 million dollars before her death.

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Surprisingly, Franklin passed on without leaving a will behind. It is even more surprising, because she has a son with special needs. Many of her fans are wondering if Franklin was not keen on having family members inherit her fortune.

Don Wilson, Franklin's attorney of 28 years, explained to The Associated Press that Franklin had refused to write her will, although he urged her to do so on several occasions.

I tried to convince her that she should do not just a will, but a trust, while she was still alive. She never told me, ‘No, I don’t want to do one.’ She understood the need. It just didn’t seem to be something she got around to.

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Michigan Law says that all living children of people without wills will share any inheritance equally. Now, Sabrina Owens, Aretha’s niece, is standing as executor for Franklin's estate. The late singer's four sons – Clarence Franklin, Edward Franklin, Kecalf Franklin, and Ted White Jr. – stand to get several million dollars each.

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While the issue may seem simple on the surface, Franklin’s sons may be in for a rough ride in court before they get any money. Fans of the late diva continue to share their condolences on social media even after her funeral.

So far, none of Franklin’s relatives are laying claim to any of her property, so there is some hope that the issue of Franklin’s fortune will end, and her sons can move on with their lives.

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