Is Melania Trump Going To Bend A Knee When She Meets Queen Elizabeth II At Windsor Or Not?

Date July 10, 2018

As US President Donald Trump and his wife Melania prepare for their working visit to Britain, the issue of the protocol is again hot in the news. The First Couple will be meeting with Her Majesty, Queen Elizabeth II, and it is expected that they will receive some lessons on etiquette prior to the event.


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Former First Lady Michelle Obama has raised quite a buzz during her visit to the Queen when she broke an important tradition. Physical contact with the Queen is highly restricted, and people are only allowed to make contact with her when she initiates it.


However, Michelle Obama famously wrapped her arm around the Queen, while posing in a group photograph with President Barack Obama, and Prince Phillip. Back then, the British press went into overdrive, but Her Majesty was clearly not offended by the incident.


As for Melania Trump, it seems there will be no leeway for error. Especially considering that this is the first time of FLOTUS meeting the Queen. According to the BBC, Melania Trump will have to curtsy to Queen Elizabeth II or bow her head in greeting.

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Also, the same rule for physical contact applies. Unless Her Majesty offers a handshake or a hug (if ever), Melania is not allowed to reach for the Queen in any way. Seeing that the FLOTUS is known to avoid physical contact in the past, it is almost certain she will not have a problem playing by the rules while her staying in Britain.

Besides BBC, many Britons also feel that Melania Trump should observe royal etiquette like everyone else does, especially during the process of greeting the Queen.

As for President Trump, there is no telling what to expect. Hopefully, his visit turns out a success and improves relations between him and Her Majesty.

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