Ivanka Failed! Twitter Users Make Fun Of The First Daughter After She Shuts Down Her Fashion Empire

Date July 27, 2018

On Tuesday, Ivanka Trump announced that she was shutting down her fashion empire to focus on her work with President Donald Trump as the top adviser. Her announcement comes after news about outlets suggesting she might have taken advantage of her position to secure Chinese trademarks for her brand.


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Critics of President Trump and even some members of his government have been concerned about Ivanka and the rest of the Trump clan, and their continued involvement in personal business concerns while working in the Trump administration.

While Ivanka’s move seems like another attempt by the Trumps to allay any fears of abuse of position, her decision may be related to the fact that sales by her brand have dropped dramatically in the past year. Even before the announcement, some stores carrying Ivanka Trump goods were taking them off shelves, citing poor sales and lack of patronage.


Her official announcement on Twitter via the Ivanka Trump HQ handle received many mixed reactions since Tuesday. Now, some Twitter users are poking fun at Ivanka and her announcement.

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One Twitter user cynically insinuated that Ivanka's brand would be missed for all the wrong reasons, stating that a vacuum will be created with the brand’s closure.

Another commentator called Ivanka out for being a failure at her own business, wondering how much she could contribute to American business in the future.

Another user teased Ivanka, suggesting she really does nothing at the White House and only pretends to work with the President. In summary, this user called Ivanka’s fashion line a ruse.

It is indeed a sad end to a business empire that showed great promise during the 2016 Presidential Election campaigns. America watches to see how much of a difference Ivanka will make now that she is no longer distracted.

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