Attack Of The Cute Clones: Miles Theodore Looks Just Like His Dad, John Legend, In The New Pics By Chrissy Teigen

Date July 24, 2018 14:20

In May 2018, another Legend was born, literally. Singer John Legend and model Chrissy Teigen have welcomed their second child, Miles Theodore. Apparently, the little fella was in a hurry to see the world.

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The baby was due in June but came earlier than expected. Just a week earlier, Teigen shared a tweet indicating that she was pretty much tired of being pregnant.

Miles Theodore joined his 2-year-old sister Luna. In March, Legend told People that he figured Luna didn't exactly understand what having a sibling was all about, but he believed she would get in the swing of things soon. And she did.


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Teigen loves sharing pictures of her family with fans. She has just shared a video on her Instagram, and fans cannot help but smile. It features little Miles Theodore in his crib, wearing a pinstripe onesie and laughing happily. But the most delightful part of the video is that he is an exact copy of his dad.


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Everything from his smile to his eyes and even his forehead reminds of John Legend. We will not be surprised if the old photos of the singer suddenly surface and the fans draw even more detailed comparisons. Those are strong genes at work.

Little Miles Theodore has a lot of years to catch up with his dad, but if the need for a John Legend lookalike occurs, his son may be in the running for the part.

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