More Fake News? Social Media Blasts Donald Trump For Claiming Fewer People Died In Puerto Rico

Date September 14, 2018

On September 13, President Trump shared this alarming tweet, disputing the official report from San Juan Mayor, Carmen Yulin Cruz, on the death toll from hurricane Maria. The report was a backed up by a study, conducted by the researchers of George Washington University.

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According to the President, the Democrats are responsible for the new numbers, which stood at 2,975 at the time of release. Initially, authorities pegged the death toll at 64, but the President claims the deaths were even fewer.

Politicians condemn Trump

President Trump’s new tweets have gotten wide condemnation from politicians on both sides of the fence, many of them calling out the President for downplaying the extent of damage caused by the storm. It is even more disturbing that the President did not provide any relevant sources to back his claims.


Meanwhile, Democratic Illinois Rep. Luis Gutierrez says President Donald Trump is "dead wrong" claiming the new report is false. Gutierrez also brought up the issue of the delayed response by the U.S. authorities to the call for help from Puerto Rico.

Even though the President dropped the ball, he is now doing a victory dance in the end zone. Or should we call it the dead zone?

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Even House Speaker Paul Ryan argues against the President and his claims. As for Cruz, she shared this flustered tweet on Tuesday, after President Trump’s deflating denials.

Simply put: delusional, paranoid, and unhinged from any sense of reality. Trump is so vain he thinks this is about him. NO IT IS NOT.

Americans disagree with the President

Many Americans are quite disappointed with the President for his remarks and his need to politicize any situation that doesn't work in his favor. Some have even questioned his supporters, wondering how long will it take for the President to finally ruin their faith in him.

In the White House interview this week, the President gave himself high scores for the response to Puerto Rico’s crisis. Sadly, he seems to be the only one propagating this information. To make matters even worse, the U.S. Government Accountability Office report noted that FEMA's handling of the situation was below par. So who is lying?

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