Time Travelers? David Beckham Is The Spitting Image Of His Father Ted Beckham, In His Heydays

Date July 25, 2018

Fans of David Beckham who get to see a lot more of his mother, Sandra Georgina Beckham, on social media may wonder a bit about his father, Ted Beckham. It turns out that the former English football player adores his dad just as much as he loves his mum.

On Father’s Day, he shared this old photo of his father on Instagram with a warm note, showing just how much love he had for him.


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Happy Father’s Day dad and to all the fathers out there. Being a parent is the most special and the most rewarding role you could ever have, so cherish every single moment. ❤️

Today David Beckham is celebrating his father's anniversary as he turns 70. This time he shared a black and white picture of his dad and an equally heartwarming message. Father and son share such a striking resemblance, they could easily pass for twins, assuming they aren't time travelers.


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Happy birthday dad...Nice tash btw 😂 now you can see where I got my change of hairstyles 😆 Have the most amazing day you deserve it...Happy 70th love you x

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Ted Beckham was instrumental to David Beckham’s career in football and supported him right from when he was a young lad. When Beckham turned pro, his father rarely missed a match. Sadly, the 2002 divorce between Ted and Sandra tore the family apart.


The relationship between father and son was on the rocks until September 2007, when Ted suffered a heart attack. They buried the hatchet and got back to mending fences soon after. Earlier in May, he shared this special tribute post for his mother on her birthday.


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David Beckham continues sharing special moments with his family on Instagram, occasionally posting photos of his mother at football games, or just having fun with the kids. So today, we join him in celebrating his dad with a hearty cheer. Hurrah!

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