President Meets The Queen: US Ambassador Says Trump Is "Looking Forward To Meeting Her"

Date July 10, 2018

U.S. President Donald Trump is scheduled to meet with Her Majesty, Queen Elizabeth II, this month as part of a working visit to Britain. On his itinerary is a private meeting with the Queen at Windsor Castle. President Trump joins the list of 11 American Presidents who have met the Queen, the last being President Barack Obama.


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His visit is happening later than many observers expected. This is largely due to the friction that still exists between America and the United Kingdom, particularly due to the President Trump’s unpopularity in the UK.


The US Ambassador to Great Britain, Robert 'Woody' Johnson, confirmed the visit which is set for July 13. In the light of concerns about mass protests during his visit, what was initially planned as a state visit was revised downward to a working visit.

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The Ambassador also added that President Trump and his wife Melania were quite excited and eager to meet the Queen.

As head of state, Her Majesty has met every U.S. president since 1952 (amazing) – with only one exception and that’s Lyndon B. Johnson. I know the President and First Lady are really looking forward to meeting her.


There is no telling if Her Majesty is as eager to meet the US President as he is to meet her though. In addition, many Britons are still uncomfortable having the American President visit. One group of protesters even secured permission to float a giant “Trump Baby” balloon over London for two hours in protest of the visit.

The event was sponsored through crowdfunding and the Mayor of London, Sadiq Khan, decided that this form of protest was legal. It is unlikely the American President will be pleased by the flying caricature, but the Mayor explained that protesters were within their rights to express themselves by floating the blimp.

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