CNN Trolls President Donald Trump After He Attacks Don Lemon And Lebron James On Twitter

Date August 7, 2018 12:09

In an interview broadcast last week on CNN, NBA star Lebron James was critical of President Trump for what he considered deliberate moves to sow division in America. His comments were in relation to calls President Trump made to sports fans to boycott games in light of protests by athletes.

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President Trump did not take James’ comments lightly as he delivered a swift response on Twitter, insulting both Lemon and James in one blow.

Relations between the President and Lebron have been quite sour and the pro basketballer has been very vocal about his concerns. James was speaking with Lemon about the launch of I Promise School in Akron, Ohio when he shared his thoughts about President Trump.

On August 4, CNN took a swipe at the FLOTUS, suggesting she watched the Lebron James interview on CNN. And this is not the first time word has made the rounds about the FLOTUS and her television habits.

Information gathered by the communication’s team at CNN suggests that the FLOTUS Melania Trump may have sparked the President’s ire by watching CNN on Air Force One. NY Times first published the report on July 25. However, Melania Trump spokeswoman Stephanie Grisham released a statement to CNN in July saying that the FLOTUS is allowed to watch “any channel she wants.”

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On numerous occasions, President Trump has slammed CNN, calling them “fake news” and often throws insults at hosts on the network. Lemon had a response of his own to President Trump, asking who was doing a better job with a very glaring measure for comparison.

Commentators are divided on their opinions about Lemon’s response, particularly due to his use of the #BeBest in his own message. The Be Best campaign is an initiative by the FLOTUS that was launched in May 2018 that “focuses on physical and emotional well-being, and also advocates against cyberbullying and opioid abuse”.

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