Cutest Baby On The Internet! Joanna Gaines Shares A New Photo Of Her Adorable Son Crew Cuddling With The Boys

Date July 31, 2018 17:00

Chip and Joanna Gaines may have said farewell to their hit show 'Fixer Upper', but they are far from getting out of the spotlight. A month ago, the couple welcomed a new member of their family and fans are still reeling in excitement.

Joanna shares pictures of the adorable child named Crew on a regular basis and it looks like he is getting cuter with each passing day.

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Earlier this month, she shared this picture she took of Chip and Crew sitting on the porch and the baby looked so peaceful wrapped up snug on his father’s laps.

Cuteness overload

And just when fans thought they had seen the best of it, Joanna shared this picture of her boys cuddling in bed. There was only so much of Crew to make out but his bright eyes and wavy hair are enough to break a tear.

The Gaines have their hands full with five children in tow but are making the most of it and little Crew is getting a lot of attention and love. In this picture, Joanna poses with her son on the porch with their dog Cookie.

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On a lazy afternoon, there is no better place to catch a quick snooze than on daddy’s arm. Crew looks so peaceful in his brown onesie without a care in the world. If Joanna keeps at it, Crew may be getting his own reality TV show sometime in the future or sooner than later.

We want more!

Fans of the Gaines’ are still commenting on the pictures with the Twitter post getting over 55k likes. There is cute family tradition Chip started off wearing the hospital tag on his wrist until it falls off as a reminder of the precious children he is blessed with.

Would you love to see the Gaines back on television? Keep those fingers crossed. 'Fixer Upper' may still make a comeback and this time, there may be loads more of Crew to boot.

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