Disrespectful! Senator John McCain's Family Slams NRCC For Using Footage Of Him To Attack Democrats

Date September 13, 2018

Two weeks ago America lost one of its longest-serving senators. John McCain committed almost 60 years of his life to the service of his country and was a celebrated war hero. His unfortunate demise happened on August 25.


Two days before his death, the McCain family announced that the late Senator was going off his cancer treatment. Back in 2017, doctors diagnosed the Senator with glioblastoma. He seemed to be back on his feet after an emergency surgery several months ago but his condition deteriorated soon after he returned to work in Washington.

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New NRCC ad causes a stir

In a new development, the McCain family has slammed the National Republican Congressional Committee for using a video of the late Senator to attack a Democratic Party candidate for the US House.  


The clip in question shows McCain sternly warning voters about Ann Kirkpatrick who ran for the Senate seat for Arizona on the Democratic ticket in 2016. McCain won the race with his stance against raising taxes and for the reduction of federal spending.

Now, Kirkpatrick is running against Republican Lea Marquez Peterson to replace Rep. Martha McSally in the southern Arizona district. The new NRCC ad has a narrator giving a new warning after McCain speaks.

In 2016, Senator McCain warned us. ... Arizona rejected Kirkpatrick before. It is time to do it again.


Julie Tarallo, spokeswoman for the family says the McCains are unhappy with the new ad and disappointed that the NRCC would use McCain as cannon fodder weeks after his death.

 The McCain family believes it is unfortunate that the Senator's image is being weaponized this election season. And they would hope there would be more respect, especially so soon after his passing.

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The McCains are not alone

Many commentators on social media who have seen the ad also feel it is distasteful and suggest the NRCC was out of turn using McCain in their advert.

Neil Strauss, a spokesman for the Republican Jewish Coalition, defended the new ad, insisting that the party did not present anything less than the facts.

We know that John McCain didn't think Ann Kirkpatrick would be a good representative of the people of Arizona.

With the mid-terms around the corner, both parties are gunning up for the race to Washington. It is likely that the McCain ad is just the start of more drama in the Trump administration.

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