"Full Disclosure": Stormy Daniels Promises To Share Every Detail Of Her Trump Relationship In New Book

Date September 13, 2018

When adult entertainer Stormy Daniels told the press that an unknown man in a car park threatened her and her daughter, the alleged affair she had with Donald Trump took another dimension. Daniels claimed that her concern for her daughter’s safety motivated her to collect the $130,000 hush money from Trump attorney, Michael Cohen.

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Recently, during an interview with ITV’s “Loose Women,” Daniels said she was very worried about her daughter and the possible backlash she would face in the future due to the Trump affair. The actor now moves around with bodyguards and has them at her house around the clock.

Stormy Daniels on The ViewThe View / YouTube

Now, Daniels has dropped another bombshell, this time on “The View.” She is releasing a book titled “Full Disclosure” on October 2. Stormy told hosts on the show that the book is a collection of her adventures on the job. In addition, Daniels said the book would contain stories about her encounters with people, including Donald Trump.

When asked why she was releasing the book now, Daniels said she had been working on it for about 10 years and she felt now was a good time to release it. Show host Whoopi Goldberg wondered how much the book would tell about President Donald Trump, especially as Daniels says she only met him twice. For Daniels, the book is not about the President.

There’s a lot in the book. But the book isn’t just about that. That doesn’t define me.

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Is this going to be a bestseller?

Stormy’s book may be one of the most anticipated publications of the year, but opinions are divided. Some people feel Daniels is taking advantage of the media hype to make money off the President.

Other commentators are more appalled that a stripper who wrote a book is getting as much press as she is getting. Whatever the case may be, Daniels’ book may bring the President another round of drama before the year-ends. And who knows, she might even make it on the bestseller list.

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