Gag Order? Royal Reporter Says The Palace May Be Keeping Meghan Markle Far From The Press

Date August 2, 2018 18:26

Long before the royal wedding, a worried Prince Harry released a press statement urging the media to respect his privacy as they escalated coverage of Meghan Markle. According to the Prince, the intrusiveness of their actions constituted a “wave of abuse.” The couple was still just dating at the time.


While his intentions were honorable, they may have inadvertently ticked off Prince Charles who was at the time on a tour of Commonwealth states. The statement by Prince Harry diverted some considerable attention from his father’s tour. Thankfully, it was not enough to cause a ruckus.

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In a new development, one member of the press has suggested that the Palace is intentionally making it hard to reach the Duchess of Sussex during engagements. A correspondent for the Daily Express in London, Richard Palmer shared his thoughts on Twitter:

He further stated that the lack of access limited reporting on the Duchess to nothing more than her wardrobe and superficial information about the events she attends.

One thing that seemed particularly troubling to him was the lack of direct quotes from the Duchess as most of the time, she was indirectly quoted by sources.

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As concerned as Palmer may be, not everyone shares his worries. Several commentators on Twitter feel limiting access to the Duchess is not a bad idea, especially in light of the whirlwind of attention she received since her engagement announcement.

Some commentators called out members of the press for taking statements made by the Duchess out of context for their own purposes.

The Palace has not made any statements supporting any claims made by Palmer. Still, there may be some truth to his observations if in the future other journalists notice a trend.

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