Jim Parsons Explains Why He Had Waited 15 Years Before Getting Married To Todd Spiewak

Date July 13, 2018 18:25

Texas-born actor Jim Parsons is best known for playing Sheldon Cooper on the hit television comedy “The Big Bang Theory.”

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In his time on the show, the funny man that everybody loves to hate but can’t, has bagged four Emmys, a Golden Globe, and a Television Critics Association Award.

© The Big Bang Theory / Chuck Lorre Productions

Despite playing a heterosexual man on the show, the real-life Parsons is actually gay. Back in May 2012, when Parsons went public about his sexuality, he revealed that he had been in a relationship with his current partner, Todd Spiewak for 10 years.


The couple eventually tied the knot in May 2017, five years after Parsons made the big reveal. But why did he wait that long to go public about his relationship and get married to begin with?


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Speaking in an interview a few months after his wedding on “The Late Show with Stephen Colbert”, Parsons explained why he did not rush to get married. For him, being in a meaningful relationship was satisfactory and he did not see a need to seek validation by getting married.

I have been an adult gay person for so long at a time when that wasn’t possible that life was…quote and un quote, fine in some way. You know what I mean? Like I got along fine.

Now that he is married, Parsons says he cannot say for certain how much about his relationship has changed. However, he occasionally remembers that his relationship is now a “legal thing”, in a sense like his parents were when they were married.


The Parsons and Spiewak wedding took place at the Rainbow Room in New York. It was a private affair as expected. One year after, the delightful couple is still going strong and looking forward to even happier years ahead.

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