Love Can't Wait! John Travolta And Kelly Preston's Wedding Anniversary Started A Bit Early This Year

Date September 12, 2018

Almost a week ago, Kelly Preston and John Travolta shared these Instagram posts marking their 27-year-old marriage. Preston’s post was a picture of her and her stunning husband on their wedding day with the simple caption,

Happy Anniversary Honey! ❤️

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Travolta shared a more recent picture and an equally simple and very similar message to the love of his life,

Happy Anniversary @therealkellypreston ! ❤️

The funny thing is, it was not even time for their anniversary yet! Or is it?


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Why the hurry?

Preston and Travolta got married on 12th September 1991. They first met while filming “Experts” in 1987 and immediately hit it off. So why did they start celebrations early? It turns out the couple had two weddings.


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They said their first “I do's” on September 5 in Paris, France, but the ceremony was illegal since a French Scientologist performed it. Eventually, the couple had another ceremony on September 12 in Daytona Beach, Florida.


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Love through thick and thin

Together they have three children, Jett born in 1992, Ella Bleu born in 2000, and Benjamin born in 2010. Travolta and his wife suffered a tragedy in 2009 when their first son died following a seizure. Travolta had a hard time then, saying his son’s death was the worst thing that ever happened to him.

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Thankfully, with the love and support of his wife, Travolta found a way to overcome his grief. The couple often shares sweet messages to each other on social media. In June, Preston posted this picture of a greying Travolta carrying his youngest son and flanked by his daughter.

Happy Father’s Day to the kindest, most wonderful father, husband and man I know. Your heart knows no bounds and I love you completely. ♥️💕

Congratulations to Preston and Travolta. We wish you all the best in your marriage and more joy in the years ahead.

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