Say Cheese! Melania Trump Looks Stunning In White And Smiles When Asked About 'Lying' Cohen And Trump Jr.

Date July 30, 2018

Last Tuesday, Lanny Davis, attorney to President Donald Trump’s former lawyer and confidant, Michael Cohen, put a new spin on the Trump affair scandal when he provided an audio recording to CNN. On the tape, President Trump and Cohen were discussing logistics for payments to a former Playboy model, Karen McDougal.

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Cohen made the recording just weeks after the National Enquirer’s parent company paid McDougal $150,000 for rights to publish the story of her alleged 2006 affair with President Trump. The President through his lawyer Rudy Giuliani insists that the recording was not about McDougal and that no payment was made for her story.

In the meantime, First Lady Melania Trump is facing some heat of her own. Two days ago, while leaving Washington DC for a weekend in Bedminster NJ, a reporter literally yelled out a question to the President, asking about ‘lying’ Cohen and Donald Trump Jr.


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However, all the President did was a wave and walk past. Oddly, the First Lady actually smiled at the reporters for more than a moment and continued walking to the waiting helicopter.


The reporter may not have gotten the answer she was looking for, but the First Lady still got many tongues wagging. For starters, she looked quite chic in her all-white ensemble with yellow heels and a large handbag with matching yellow hands and black belt clasp. Did we mention the bag was a Burberry?

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Ever since the Stormy Daniels scandal broke, the press and millions of Americans have wondered how much the First Lady knew about the affair and if she was planning to take any action against her husband.


On Friday, spokesperson to the First Lady, Stephanie Grisham, told the press that her boss was not going to address the Cohen tapes anytime soon as she had other pressing matters to attend to.

Mrs. Trump remains focused on her role as a mother and as First Lady of the United States. We will have no further comment on the topic.

We can imagine the First Lady is having it rough right now with all the attention on her husband, but at least, she manages to keep her head up and her wardrobe right on point.

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