Too Little Too Late? Ivanka Trump Says She Is "Vehemently Against Family Separation" In New CNN Interview

Date August 3, 2018

Two months ago, Ivanka Trump joined millions of Americans to celebrate the Presidential Order that put an end to the Trump family separation policy. Border agents separated over 2,000 immigrant children from their families after failed attempts to cross the US/Mexico border.


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In her tweet, Ivanka thanked the President for taking action while calling on Congress to find a lasting solution to the problem of illegal immigration into the United States.

In the months after the announcement of President Trump’s “zero tolerance” policy by Attorney General Jeff Sessions, millions of Americans and people around the world raised voices in protest to what many described as human rights abuse.

In a new video published by CNN, Ivanka expressed her displeasure about the family separation policy in very clear terms, noting that it was a very touching subject that troubled her as much as other Americans.

I feel very strongly about that and I am very vehemently against family separation and the separation of parents and children.

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In the interview, she also noted that she was also the descent of an immigrant, suggesting she understood the situation most of the illegal immigrants find themselves.

I am the daughter of an immigrant. My mother grew up in communist Czech Republic.

Before now, commentators called out members of the First Family for keeping silent about the issue of child separation, especially as all the family members starting from the FLOTUS have kids of their own. Meanwhile, commentators on social media continue to call out Ivanka for only speaking out after President Trump put an end to family separation.

Ivanka is one of the President’s personal advisers and many Americans expected her to kick against the policy in the first place. Some people have accused her of speaking from both sides of her mouth, on one hand supporting her father and his policies but on the other, speaking for the same people going through immense suffering because of her father’s policies.

Even with the policy shelved, news reports insist that the US government has not reunited several hundred children with their families. By the end of July, only 1,820 had been returned to their families or placed in foster homes.

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