Too Little Too Late? Jimmy Carter Speaks About President Trump's Tribute To The Late Senator John McCain

Date August 31, 2018

President Donald Trump is still facing a lot of criticism for his short tweet on the death of the late Senator John McCain. Oddly enough, commentators from both sides of the political divide see unified in their belief that the President’s tweet was unbecoming.

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Less than two days after the death of the Senator, the White House returned its flags to full-mast. This situation has caused even more concern as many feel the President has taken his dislike for the late McCain too far.



Leaders of the U.S. Senate requested that flags at all American government buildings remain at half-mast in honor of McCain. President Trump refused to answer questions about the late Senator during a Monday press event at the Oval Office.


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Meanwhile, former U.S. President Jimmy Carter has spoken out against the seeming disregard shown by President Trump for McCain. In a Fox Business interview, he expressed disappointment at the flag faux pas and the attitude of Trump’s message.

I thought that president Trump made a mistake at first by not recognizing John McCain’s unquestioned commitment to our country, in the Navy and as a prisoner of war and also in his service in the Congress. And I think both his critics and also his supporters made it plain to him that he had made a mistake when the flag was up and down and so forth.

Carter later added that President Trump appeared to have made amends for his mistake when he eventually agreed to leave the White House flag at half-mast. Carter has been open about his concerns regarding Trump although the President has been wary of a confrontation.

With each passing month, more Republicans seem to be questioning President Trump’s actions. New polls suggest that although the President’s base is still pleased with his performance, some people are worried about the effect he is having on the general populace.

Former Presidents Barack Obama and George W. Bush will be speaking at McCain’s funeral, an event that the late Senator disinvited the current U.S. President from attending.

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