New Book Claims President Trump And Melania Have "Some Sincere Affection" For Each Other

Date September 13, 2018

There has been a lot of speculation about the relationship between President Donald Trump and his wife Melania since the Stormy Daniel affair broke the news. Even more so, the FLOTUS has been noticeably standoffish on several occasions, suggesting she is not very happy with her husband.

Donald Trump with Melania at White Housegettyimages

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Nevertheless, author Bob Woodward paints an oddly different picture of the First Couple. In his new book, "Fear: Trump in the White House" the author says President Trump and his wife Melania seem to care about each other but not in the romantic couple kind of way.

West Wingers and those who traveled regularly with Trump noticed that he and Melania seemed to have some sincere affection for each other despite media speculation. But she operated independently.

Woodward’s comments on relations between the President and his wife are a result of hundreds of interviews he had with high-level Trump aides and "first-hand sources" within the Trump administration. They suggest that although the couple spends time together, including having meals on occasion, they live largely separate lives.

According to Woodward, Melania is more focused on her son Barron than anything else and spends most of her time doting over him than she does relating with her husband. There may be some emotional connection between husband and wife, but it is far from ideal as Woodward suggests.

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A storm in the works

Some commentators are bemused by Woodward’s comments on the President’s marriage and are drawing comparisons between his marriage and that of former President Bill Clinton and his wife Hillary Clinton.

For months now, some Americans have suggested the FLOTUS is trapped in her relationship with the President. Others have gone as far as staging protests, demanding the President to release his wife from what they perceive as modern day slavery.

Melania has always stayed under the radar but she had to step out of her routine when her husband moved to Washington. Now, there is a lot of media attention on her and the bad press President Donald Trump is attracting may be taking a toll on her.

Donald Trump with Melania at White Housegettyimages

If Melania’s handholding incidents are anything to go by, one could argue that the President and his wife are not as happy as they claim to be. Nevertheless, Melania Trump insists that her relationship with her husband is fine and supports him when the occasion demands.

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