"Who Is Better Than Her?": Joy Behar, Host Of "The View," Takes A Swipe At Melania Trump

Date September 11, 2018 18:15

Last week on "The Van Jones Show," TV host Joy Behar took a minute to talk about the First Lady, Melania Trump. According to Behar, Melania is living the American dream and her family has also benefited from the country’s bounties.

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They are enjoying chain migration, which unfortunately a lot of people in this country are not enjoying because her husband wants to stop it.

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She drew blood pretty quickly

Behar also took a swipe at the First Lady. For starters, she suggested she had no idea what the FLOTUS was doing in her him country of Slovenia before she came to America. Then, Behar suggested her mother would agree that Melania is getting the best of America, thanks to her husband.

Ok she was a model, now she’s the First Lady. I mean come on. As my mother would say, “who’s better than her?”.

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Behar has always been critical of President Trump and asides from on “The View,” she shares her opinion about the President when she can. In a 2017 interview with Seth Myers, she spoke about Melania’s marriage to President Trump and poked fun at the fact that the FLOTUS cost the government several millions of dollars before she moved into the White House.

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Bad vibes for Behar

Behar’s interview with Jones is getting a lot of attention on social media but a lot of it is not positive. Some people have called her mentally unstable and bitter, suggesting she is attacking the FLOTUS for no reason.

Media attention on Melania Trump skyrocketed when Donald Trump announced his bid for the Presidency. Behar is not the first to take a swipe at the FLOTUS, but her comments are a grim reminder of the troubles Melania Trump has to contend with.

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