'Jeffersons' Star Marla Gibbs' Daughter Is A Go-Getter: She Is As Pretty And Talented As Her Mama

Date January 31, 2019

Marla Gibbs is an all-in-one artist. She is an actress, singer, TV producer, and five-time Emmy nominee. However, Marla is best known for starring in 11 seasons on The Jeffersons as the wisecracking maid Florence Johnston, and as mother and wife Mary Jenkins on 227.


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The African-American star married her high school beau, Jordan Gibbs, in 1955, but after an 18-year marriage, the two called it quits in 1973.

The Gibbs kin

The Jeffersons star said in an interview that her marriage was often turbulent, so she needed to move on. Despite the drama moment, Marla and Jordan Gibbs had 3 mutual children: daughter, Angela Gibbs and sons, Dorian Gibbs and Joseph Gibbs. 


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Even though nothing is perfectly known about Gibbs' two sons, her beautifully talented daughter, Angela, inherited her appearance, aspiration, and positivity along with following the same career path. 


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Admittedly, Marla Gibbs isn't young anymore, but she still shows her career skills and love to all 3 kids as a doting parent.

The one and only daughter 

Angela Gibbs is also an actress, writer, acting coach, director, and producer, just like her mama. She appeared on the TV show Sanford and Son and such movies as Drumline, Think Like A Man Too, Together Brothers, and Black Jesus


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Angela has won two NAACP Image Awards for her theatrical productions, which include the Broadway plays Checkmates and The Meeting.


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Indeed, it is remarkable when children inherit the best traits from their parents. Angela Gibbs is one of those kids who can showcase her perfect career path and passion for life. 

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