Quite Revealing Truth: Michael Douglas Bonded With A 'Charming' Donald Trump In The '80s

Date December 7, 2018

Michael Douglas is now on the list of people who has been connected with Donald Trump. The actor spilled the beans about his bond with the former businessman before the presidency.

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Both men are golfers, and they are believed to have played golf together in the '80s. Moreover, Douglas added that Donald Trump had "a great sense of humor" and he was "charming". 

But we smell blood in the water, since there is no bond or friendship between two world-renowned personalities anymore. 

The truth 

In 2016, Michael Douglas got candid during an interview on Good Morning America, where he reflected on his bond with Donald Trump and his actual thoughts about him now. 

Quite Revealing Truth: Michael Douglas Bonded With A 'Charming' Donald Trump In The '80sgettyimages

The A-list actor said that the president wasn't a bad person, but he didn't agree with him politically. Besides, Douglas said that Trump has 'unusual' thinking about the country. Well, it's now 2018, and the Hollywood star prefers to keep a low profile about all of this. 

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Interestingly, Michael Douglas voted for Hillary Clinton, rather than for his ex-buddy, Trump. But again, the Academy Award-winning actor explained their different views on political issues. 

What about Douglas as POTUS? 

Will Michael Douglas run for President himself? While you may be laughing right now, his devoted wife, Catherine Zeta-Jones hinted so with her birthday message:

Happy Birthday to my very own President! My husband, Michael. I guess that makes me the First Lady. Stranger things have happened!


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Well, we guess we missed something, didn't we? We will have to wait for the next presidential elections to see whether Michael Douglas will run for office, or not. 

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