Andrea Bocelli Beams Thanksgiving Vibes By Posting A Rare Photo Of His Amazingly Great Family

Date November 23, 2018 13:50

Andrea Bocelli is not only well-known for his undeniable success, but also for being an incredible family man


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The singer can easily call himself the happiest man alive, because he is married to a lovely wife and has three children: Two grown-up sons from his first marriage and a daughter from his second. 


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Bocelli always tries to show his affection, love, and attention to each family member, and it makes him a prominent human being. 

Thanksgiving vibes

Andrea Bocelli shared a rare photo of all his family, including wife Veronica, two adorably handsome sons, Amos and Matteo, and his baby, Virginia 

There's nothing to say. They are just so happy and close with each other that even the picture itself beams solely positive vibes. 


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Undoubtedly, Andrea Bocelli is extremely grateful for everything in his life. He has confessed several times how thankful he is for his life, family, career, and all his life's events.


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Apparently, Virginia stole the show, since she decided to be a ballet dancer in the photo. Ah, is everybody extremely creative in this family?

Happy holiday! 

Fans from all over the world wished a happy Thanksgiving to the singer and his wonderful family.

Andrea Bocelli always draws a sincere smile from ear to ear on our faces. All his family is seemingly delighted and attached to each other, and it couldn't make us happier!

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