'NCIS' David McCallum's Co-Star Romanced His Then-Wife, But He Forgave Him And Let The Past Be The Past

Date March 13, 2019 17:02

David McCallum and his former wife Jill Ireland separated in 1967 but preferred to sweep the real reason under the rug. When the news broke, the world was caught in shock and confusion. Why would the happiest couple (well, it seemed so) call it quits?

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During 11 years of marriage, the two had 3 sons: biological ones Paul and Valentine, and one adopted son Paul, who died from an accidental drug overdose in 1989.

Why a marriage that should have worked failed?

Well, you know these stories where friends steal the wives? Exactly the same happened. 

Starring in the movie The Great Escape, David McCallum introduced then-wife Jill to his mega-famous co-star Charles Bronson. 


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After the encounter, Ireland left all-time great star and married Bronson in 1968. This is a kind of situation which you'd probably never forgive, but kind-hearted McCallum was sanguine about it. 

I never hated him, Charlie was always a good friend. I find that when problems come along, worrying about them and getting anxious and negative is quite unnecessary. You can solve them, usually amicably. That’s what happened.

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Even though Charles Bronson stole McCallum's ex-wife, the NCIS star doesn't regret anything. However, he admits that it was hard to accept back then, especially for their 3 children, but all of this in the past now. 

David married the second time!

David McCallum is committed to his wife, former model Katherine Carpenter, of over 5 decades. They met in the mid-60s and tied the knot in 1967. Being happily married, the couple shares two beautiful children: son Peter and daughter Sophie.

'NCIS' David McCallum's Co-Star Romanced His Then-Wife, But He Forgave Him And Let The Past Be The PastGetty Images / Ideal Image

This situation is an excellent example of how important it is to let the past go and enjoy the present, relying on destiny. 

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