After Losing His Mother Diana, Prince Harry Was Also Afraid To Lose William When He Proposed To Kate Middleton, According To A Royal Biographer

Date May 9, 2019

Back in 2010, royal fans were over the moon when Prince Charles and Princess Diana's older son — Prince William — announced his engagement to Kate Middleton. 

The two had a long romance, and finally, they had a wedding in 2011, which was being broadcasted on television, so people from all over the world could see their regal ceremony. But were all the royals happy?


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There were indeed some worries

Don't get us wrong — everyone was truly glad for William and Kate, but Prince Harry was somewhat puzzled. 

After losing their beloved mother when they were just 15 and 12 respectively, the ginger-head was extremely afraid to lose his elder brother when he married Catherine Middleton.

According to royal author Katie Nicholl, Harry "feared losing his brother to a degree" when William and Kate returned from Africa and announced their engagement in 2010. 

However, Harry adored Kate and knew her long enough before the royal wedding in 2011. Even though the Prince felt scared to lose his only sibling, he was "genuinely delighted for them."


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Prince William has never left Harry out of his life. Even when he married Kate, the three became closer to each other, having a good company and fulfilling royal duties together. 

Now, both William and Harry have separate families. William has three amazing children with Catherine, whereas Harry has just become a father to son Archie for the first time. 

Tender relationship

Prince Harry and Kate Middleton immediately became great buddies. Both behave naturally and happily around each other, looking easy-going and laughing out loud. 

Indeed, it is truly incredible when siblings' families are on great terms. Even though it has been rumored William and Harry have rocks in their brotherly relationship, we do think Archie will reunite them. 

Harry feared to lose William, but instead, Kate welcomed her brother-in-law with opened arms, and so did Harry.