Father-Daughter Love Is On Its Rise! Antonio Banderas Opens Up About Amazing Parenthood

Date November 23, 2018 10:57

There's no a single soul who wouldn't have heard about Antonio Banderas. Indeed, he is not only extremely famous Spanish actor, singer, and producer, but a doting dad.


Banderas was married twice and has only one daughter – Stella, 21 – from the first marriage with Melanie Griffith


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Stella is now a striving model and an actress, who has shared the screen with her mother in Banderas’ directorial debut once. 


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The young lady is currently a student at University Southern California, and it seems like she's going to attract the whole world by her beauty, inherited from both parents. 


Antonio Banderas corroborated that his dad's life and actions influenced the way he's upbringing and treating his daughter. 

[Stella] wants independence and thinks she’s right for it. It’s a balancing act. I think discipline which kids don’t understand properly leads them to distance themselves even faster and more radically. Having said that, I don’t believe in being their friend. You’ve got to go gently, but you’ve got to go carefully.


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Inevitably, the Assasins star is a bit concerned about potential boyfriends and grooms in Stella's life, but the most important is "to choose wisely." 


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Banderas is a happy father-of-one and hopes to show his affection, love, and care throughout all his lifespan. 

The Banderas

Antonio, 57, and Stella, 21, are rapidly bonding these days. They are often seen with each other laughing and talking freely in public. 


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Moreover, the Spanish actor conceded that he would love to spend more quality time with his daughter from time to time. 


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Hopefully, Antonio and Stella will always be close to each other and only enhance their strong relationship day by day! 

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