Princess Charlotte Is Slowly Turning To Be Like Her Mom's Lookalike, And One Photo Proves It

Date March 15, 2019 16:15

When little Princess Charlotte or how parents call her 'Lotti' was born, royal fans couldn't sit still as they started discussing whom she resembles more. One group claims that little girl looks just like late Princess Diana, whereas the other one – like the Queen. 


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Accordingly, royal fans have made a lot of collages and comparisons to see reality. However, Princess Lotti is growing so fast and thus, her features change on a daily basis. 

So, here are proofs that she looks just like Kate

Don't laugh, please, it's real. It comes as no surprise that Princess Charlotte is extremely beautiful and cute. Especially, it comes apparent once she becomes older. 

On this photo, Lotti looks like her mother Kate. Surely, she isn't a carbon copy of her, but they do share something similar, like that innocent look, beautiful oval eyes, cute nose.

Princess Charlotte Is Slowly Turning To Be Like Her Mom's Lookalike, And One Photo Proves ItGetty Images / Ideal Image

But we agree, Princess Charlotte still takes a lot after her father, Prince William. And he sure looks like his late mother. 

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Would you mind telling us your opinion, whether Lotti looks like Duchess Catherine? At least, a little bit?

Do you know why Kate and Charlotte wear matching outfits?

Well, apparently, they just want to have this perfect mother-daughter bond, so people would swoon over them. 

However, sometimes, the color of their outfits is chosen for a specific official visit. It concerns both Kate Middleton and Prince William with Prince George and Princess Charlotte. 

We do love William and Catherine's children! They are so humble, adorable, funny, and stylish along with their stunning parents. 

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