Royal Fans Made A Collage Of Prince Louis And Pippa's Baby Boy: They Are As Like As Two Peas!

Date January 24, 2019

Pippa Middleton and her hubby, James Matthews, welcomed their first child, a baby boy Arthur. Everybody was going alright, and happy parents were thrilled to start a new family with their kid.

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A few months after giving birth, the two decided to have a getaway with their child in St. Barts, an island in the French Caribbean. Even though Pippa and James didn't take Arthur to the beach itself due to safety, we were lucky to spot this little one in Middleton's arms


Have you ever thought about how genes work? Well, let's hurry up and say that they act and evolve with a blink of an eye. Royal fans decided to compare Kate Middleton's son, Prince Louis, and Pippa Middleton's offspring, Arthur. And oh boy, they are as like as two peas! 

Baby cousins❤️

We're looking forward to seeing more of them to be 100% sure in their similar appearance. 

Royal Fans Made A Collage Of Prince Louis And Pippa's Baby Boy: They Are As Like As Two Peas!Getty Images / Ideal Image

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Do you know what might be extremely funny? If they do look alike and Arthur can replace Louis one day. Like Prince will be tired of royal rules or spotlight one day, and Arthur will be thrilled to take his place, and sometimes they will exchange, and nobody will notice. Sorry for our imagination, but it would be hilarious. Agree? 

Reactions of fans 

Royal fans were definitely supportive and found pure similarity between Prince Louis and his 2-month-old cousin, Arthur. 

joycefruik And, the bonds continue...❤️

ppsimm Precious little guys!!

yanna650 I think Arthur got his mum's eyes

terr711 They are close in age and will hopefully be close.

annizaf01 They look very alike,beautiful

Frankly, we all want to see how Prince George, Prince Charlotte, and Prince Louis will look like!

Do you really think that Louis and Arthur will look like twin-brothers when they are all grown-ups? Don't hesitate to share your opinions! 

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