David McCallum's Wife Of 52 Years, Katherine, Taught Him How To Love Again After The Painful Divorce

Date March 27, 2019

The NCIS main star, David McCallum, knows the feeling of a broken heart. He was married to Jill Ireland back in 50-60s, but they called it quits when the actor's superb co-star, Charles Bronson, stole his then-wife

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A year later, Jill tied the knot with Bronson. It's kind of a situation that doesn't expect forgiveness, but kind-hearted McCallum let this betrayal go, and even forgave his former co-star and wife.

However, he admits that it was hard to accept back then, but all of this is in the past now. 

But the divorce was for the best!

David McCallum is committed to his current wife, former model Katherine Carpenter, of over 5 decades. They met in the mid-60s and tied the knot in 1967. 


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It was supposed to be a simple business trip to Japan back in the 60s, but turned out to be one of the best days for the NCIS star. It was that moment when something inside started to grow; like people say, "butterflies." 

He fell in love with Katherine Carpenter with the blink of an eye and was ready to continue his life with her after the heart-breaking separation from his then-wife Jill Ireland.

She, on the other hand, had hots for him, too. One of his friends once told:

David was deeply hurt. He started to retreat into a shell. Then he met Katherine Carpenter. She's made a new man of him.

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McCallum confessed he was so serious and overprotective of Katherine. He felt determined to dedicate all his life to only this woman, despite the failed first marriage and a broken heart. In other words, the former model taught him how to love truly again.

The kinship 

David McCallum is the doting father of five kids. Being married to Jill Ireland for 11 years, the former union shared three children: biological ones, Paul and Valentine, and their adopted son Paul, who died from an accidental drug overdose in 1989.

Being happily married in the second union with Katherine Carpenter, the couple has two beautiful children: son Peter and daughter Sophie. 


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We're so happy for David McCallum for letting gruesome past go and giving a chance to the present with his beautiful and humble wife, Katherine Carpenter.

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