Frenemies? First Lady Melania And First Daughter Ivanka Allegedly Have Unusual Relationship

Date March 20, 2019

It has been rumored a lot about possible bad blood between Melania and Ivanka Trump. Two females close to Donald's heart are allegedly battling for the title of the First Lady. 

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Since Ivanka is usually called the 'real' First Lady, Melania must be aware of the possible hazard. Besides, Donald's eldest daughter has been by his side from the very beginning, whereas his wife was absent most of the time. 

So, who's the winner?

Certainly, the relationships between the presidential family members are of interest for many people. Melania and Ivanka Trump have many things in common. And while fans admire them, others find their connection tense and suspicious

The First Lady's spokeswoman, Stephanie Grisham, said:

Ivanka and Mrs. Trump have always shared a close relationship, and that continues today.

Perhaps, they do not have this suspected tension because they think and work differently. As in, Ivanka is fully immersed, and Melania steers clear as much as she possibly can. It implies that they do not step on each other's toes, accepting everything they intend to complete.

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Melania Trump is more focused on her campaign 'Be Best' and her son Barron, whereas Ivanka Trump is the closest member to her father in economic ties, pressing issues, socializing, and deal-making. 

So, they do have special places in Donald Trump's heart, but Melania and Ivanka have different sides and purposes in the White House, which denies their bad blood. 

But it seems like FLOTUS is more popular, anyway

So, as we've just established, Melania and Ivanka Trump have distinguishing activities, campaigns, and purposes in the White House. However, according to the poll, Melania's popularity has risen, whereas Ivanka's has dropped.

Believe it or not, FLOTUS has become the most likable member of the Trump kinship, and thus, the only family member with a higher favorable than the unfavorable rating.

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