Is It Official Farewell? The 'Criminal Minds' Creators Announce The Last Season Of The Favorite TV Series

Date January 11, 2019

Tell us who doesn't like TV series Criminal Minds, and we will provide all the essentials to force them to love it just like we do. Luckily to loyal fans, the popular series was renewed for season 14, though some of the actors left, some of the new ones arrived. 

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The creators don't cease implementing new events, deep relationships, and chains between episodes and main characters. 

Are you Criminal Minds team? If yes, welcome to the club! 

The final 

TV series was prone to end at season 13, or at least the entire globe assumed so. However, the creators decided to gladden us all and continued up to 14. But will it be the last one? 

Several days ago Criminal Minds announced that season 15 would be final, and also the date of the last episode of the 14th season. 

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Gosh, how are we supposed to live without seeing all our favorite heroes? It's always a sad moment when you have to say farewell to something you've been doing for half of your life. 

Reactions of fans

Just like us, Criminal Minds fans are in deep despair. 

Throughout 14 seasons, the entire world has been watching famous TV series, crying, worrying, laughing, gushing, and supporting the main characters. Well, we are speechless. Bye-bye...

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