More Than 3? Kate Hudson Hints On A High Possibility Of Having More Children In The Future

Date January 11, 2019

A couple of days ago, the mother-of-three Kate Hudson posted a sweet photo of her baby girl Rani Rose, who is already 3 months old. It seems to us like she had just been born yesterday, but no, she's all grown up. 


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Each month, the American actress posts snaps of Rani, notifying about her age and dressing up in adorable outfits. 


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Kurt Russell claims that Kate has changed a lot since the last childbirth, and treats her daughter a bit different than her sons from previous relationships. 


In the recent interview at Today, Kate Hudson revealed her family beliefs, breastfeeding Rani, older boys, and the desire to have more kids. The mother-of-three claimed that Rani changed her a lot and being a mother at 39 is a whole new level of life perception and motherhood. 


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The actress also commented that she has always wanted to have 4-6 kids, and when Hoda Kotb asked whether she and Danny are planning to have more than baby girl Rani Rose, Kate blushed a bit, hinting on the high possibility.


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Hudson also added that she doesn't care about losing weight after childbirth, but rather about staying healthy for herself and while breastfeeding the baby. 


Kate Hudson's eldest son, Ryder, is now 15 years old, and he is an excellent aid to her mom in taking care of Rani Rose. The actress says that it's incredible to watch how such a big age difference still connects people. She says it's like "two different generations in one picture."


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Moreover, Goldie and Kurt are doting grandparents and always here for help. It's truly wonderful how all family helps Kate and Danny with the baby girl.


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Hopefully, Kate Hudson will fulfill her dream about having more than 3 kids down the line, and everything will be more than just fine! 

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