Splash Of Colors: The Queen Dons A Stylish Purple Coat With A Matching Hat At Sandringham

Date January 14, 2019

Queen Elizabeth II decided to bring some vibrant colors to gloomy winter's day as she joined royal members for church visit at Sandringham, Norfolk. 


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The Queen remains at Sandringham for winter break until early February. But who said that even Her Majesty couldn't look actually majestic in a gray, cold day?


The Queen looked impeccable in a knee-length bright purple coat with satin buttons and trim, which managed to brighten up cold January morning. 

She sported a matching hat that boasted a large floral piece on the brim. 


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Her Majesty completed her look with a pair of flat-heeled black velvet shoes. 

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92-year-old Queen II undoubtedly donned a vivid outfit showcasing her ravishing and stylish ensemble. Do you support our opinion? 

Fans loved her outfit

The Queen totally nailed her glamorous appearance at St. Mary Magdalene Church in Sandringham, Norfolk, and fans couldn't agree more! 

What do you think about Her Majesty's outfit? Do you think this color suits her? Share your opinions in the comments! 

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