'American Idol' Judge Luke Bryan Is Raising His Late Sister's 3 Kids While Having Two Little Sons On His Own

Date July 10, 2019 17:53

Luke Bryan is a famous American country singer and songwriter. He worked as a composer before releasing his debut album in 2007. Many of his hits were successful and therefore, received gold and platinum certifications from the American Recording Industry Association. In 2017, he became the American Idol judge.

Fatherhood is the main job

Aside from a successful career, Luke Bryan adores being a father. The singer is a family man and raises own two children — Thomas Boyer "Bo" and Tatum Christopher — alongside his wife of 12 years, Caroline Boyer.

But apart from own kin, Luke Bryan is also parenting his nephew Til and two nieces Jordan and Kris after his sister Kelly died in 2007. In 2014, Kelly's husband Ben also passed away.

The three children became parentless and were about to become official orphans, but kind-hearted Luke and Caroline made the best decision in their lives — to take poor kids to themselves. Boyer once told:

We never thought twice about it. You know, it was never something that he and I had to sit down and talk about. ‘Should we take this on?’ We just did that.

The award-winning artist candidly revealed it was a life-changing situation for him to bring up his sister Kelly's children while having own little sons on his own. He wanted to become a best friend to Til, Jordan, and Kris and not only a parent.

It is still unknown what happened to Kelly in 2007. The country music singer told to PEOPLE in 2013 that nobody knows the cause for her death, even the coroner. She died while taking care of her kids in own house.

Despite the trauma and unimaginable loss of parents, Kelly and Ben's 3 children were warmly accepted. Since 2014, Luke Bryan and Caroline Boyer have attempted to do everything possible to bring calmness, joy, and peace into own sons and the late couple's kids.