Caitlyn Jenner's Son Brandon Admits He Feels "Ashamed" Of His Last Name Due To Father's Transition

Date July 9, 2019 15:38

When William Bruce Jenner transformed into Caitlyn Jenner, the world was surprised over such news. Later in her life, the former Olympic decathlete revealed that all ten children, including stepkids, were truly supportive of such a transition. But it is a bit far from the truth.

Brandon Jenner

Among ten children, the older son Brandon stepped out against his father's transformation. The 38-year-old admits he still struggles to get serious acceptance in the music industry due to his last name.

In the recent interview, the American started candidly revealed that "things have changed a lot" for him.

Just the rise of Keeping Up With the Kardashians has changed the idea of what the last name Jenner, you know, what kind of person I’m going to be.

In childhood, Brandon was really proud of surname 'Jenner' because his father was a respectful personality, but after the famous gender transition, Caitlyn's son has begun to feel "ashamed."

When people hear it for the first time, or they hear my last name, ‘Jenner,’ I think that they’re quicker to write me off and not necessarily even want to give my music a chance because of it.

Brandon Jenner concluded he has struggled emotionally a lot during his life, and his father's total change is a contributing factor.

The feud

Over the years, Brandon's brother, Brody Jenner, also found it hard to accept his dad. Caitlyn and Brody's relationship has been on the rocks when the former Olympian missed his youngest son's wedding in 2018. Later, the 35-year-old put some shade onto his parent.

However, Brandon Jenner claims his brother had no “ill intention” in the misgendering saying: “Accidents happen and people slip up and you shouldn’t shame them for it.”

The family drama has been happening for many years and it's unknown whether it will ever end.