Elyse Knox: The Woman From Whom Mark Harmon Inherited All His Charm And Acting Talent

Date June 26, 2019 16:45

If you are an NCIS fan, then you should love Mark Harmon. This interesting, intelligent, good-looking, funny, and talented man has stolen so many hearts! 

He is the son of football player and military pilot Thomas Harmon and actress/model Elyse Knox (Elsie Lillian Kornbrath). 

Did you know that Mark Harmon is 50% Austrian, 37.5% Irish, and 12.5% German/French? Mark’s maternal grandparents were emigrants from Austria. 

Elyse Knox

If you have ever wondered where Mark Harmon took his charm, attractiveness, and charisma, the answer is right here — from his talented and beautiful mother. 

Elyse Knox was born in 1917 and had secondary roles until 1942 when she starred as the main character in The Mummy's Tomb. She also got her global fame after portraying Anne Howe in Joe Palooka, Champ

Knox was also a pin-up girl during World War II, which implies how gorgeous, stunning, and pretty she was. And Mark Harmon undoubtedly inherited her appearance — identical facial features. 

Moreover, Harmon is a well-known actor, just like his late mother. So, he also followed in her footsteps and inherited the same talent and skills. 

Elyse Knox died at her home at the age of 94 in 2012. 

The tragic story behind Knox's bridal dress

When Mark's father, Tom Harmon, returned from the Second World War in 1944, he married Elyse Knox in the same year. In fact, Thomas miraculously survived as he overcame two plane crashes and got lost in the jungle. 

Knox's wedding dress was made of silk from the very same parachute Thomas Harmon used when jumping from the plane. The NCIS star explained: 

My grandmother, an Austrian immigrant and also a great seamstress, basically took the chute apart and made my mom's wedding dress out of it.

This is kind of romantic, don't you think? Indeed, Mark Harmon can be proud of his parents for all things they did!