Chris Pratt Has A Very Special Place In His Heart For Mom, Whose Sincere Smile Passed To Her Son

Date February 6, 2019

Chris Pratt gained the global recognition and admiration when he starred in the Marvel Universe's movie The Guardians of The Galaxy as Peter Quill aka Star-Lord. But the thing is, he hasn't changed to the negative side due to the fame whatsoever.


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Like the parents - Daniel Clifton and Kathleen Louise - Chris is very decent, down-to-earth, and kind-hearted. His family is very simple since his later father worked in the mining houses, whereas his mother was the Subway market worker. 


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The actor also has 2 siblings, a sister Angie Pratt and a brother, Cully Pratt. Chris is the youngest one among them. 

Does he share any bond with family? 

Indeed, the Passengers star is a great family man. Apart from his super close relationship with former wife, Anna Feris, and his little son, Chris is also attached to his mother. 


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Mr. Pratt often posts photos with her and pays tributes with extremely sensitive and touching words, by constantly saying "I love you, mom." 


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The two share the same sincere smile, which can sparkle dozens of kilometers away. Chris once wrote,

She's so funny and hard-working, with such a positive attitude and a dreamers heart.


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Star-Lord is admittedly close to his mom Kathy and we can prove it by numerous photos and heartfelt confessions in love and bond from him. 

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A new life 

Chris Pratt divorced with his first wife, Anna Faris, a while ago. Apart from the process, the two remain extremely warm and friendly to each other, even with the actor's new fiancée. 


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Earlier this month, the actor got engaged to his 1-year girlfriend, Katherine Schwarzenegger. The couple is allegedly moving in together and rapidly planning a wedding


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Well, isn't he adorable? He's not only a talented actor but an incredibly generous person and loving son. Well done, Chris!

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