William H. Macy Can't Stop Gushing Over His 'Fairytale Marriage' With His Ideal Partner, Felicity Huffman

Date January 29, 2019 15:06

William H. Macy and Felicity Huffman are one of the strongest and cutest couples in Hollywood. This year, they will be celebrating the 22nd wedding anniversary. 




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Even though it was love at first sight, the two tied the knot only after 15 years of on-and-off relationship. Huffman was afraid and dodged the big question all the time until she fully repudiated Macy's proposal. 


According to the recent interview to Sunday Today, the Fargo star candidly gushed over his perfect wife, Felicity. William H. Macy affirmed that he had a 'fairytale marriage' and he is over the moon with his other half. 

I loved her the first second I saw her. 

- said the actor. 




The 68-year-old William and 56-year-old Felicity have been together for 36 years, 15 of which was a simple dating, and 21 of which is their genuine and healthy marriage. 




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It is so apparent how much they love each other! As the saying goes, "there’s time and place for everything."

Reactions of fans 

Per usual, we aren't the ones who adore such couples. 

Love is essential. And we reckon if true love exists, it has to last until hell freezes over. 

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