Happy 70th Birthday To The Future King, Prince Charles!

Date November 14, 2018

Known as Charles, Prince of Wales, he's deemed to be the longest and oldest apparent heir in British History. 

Today, Prince of Wales celebrates his 70th birthday! Can you imagine how time flies? He's been married twice, got 2 handsome sons, and now is a doting grandfather to a lot of grandkids, and soon it will be even more.

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He is very simple, funny, and modest. We rarely see him doing something outrageous, shameful or non-appropriate according to the royal protocol. Happy B-day, Prince!

Unusual facts

Being in the spotlight as long as Prince Charles remembers himself, people still have a bit limited version of his life events and personalities. There's a plethora of unusual facts of the Queen II's oldest son, but let's narrow it up to 10 to commemorate him to the fullest!

1. He is the first royal member who got University degree (BA of Arts at Cambridge University) refusing private classes. 
2. He qualified as a helicopter pilot and joined the 845 Naval Air Squadron on the HMS Hermes in 1974.
3. Though Princess Anne was admitted as the busiest royal in 2017, Prince of Wales is still one of the busiest fulfilling up to 600 royal duties per year.
4. Reportedly, Charles has more than 60 hand-made suits; his shoelaces are to be ironed by a valet whenever he removes his hand-made shoes.
5. In 2012 he was presenting the weather forecast on BBC Channel by claiming 'Who the hell wrote the script?' referring to 'a few potential flurries over Balmoral.'

Happy 70th Birthday To The Future King, Prince Charles!Happy 70th Birthday To The Future King, Prince Charles!gettyimages

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6. After the Navy in 1976, he earned roughly £8,000 and spent it on Prince's Trust that has helped over 88000 disadvantaged youth in employment.
7. He plays three instruments: cello, piano, and trumpet.
8. He is Patron or President of more than 400 organizations.
9. He's written several books The Old Man of Lochnagar to his younger brothers and about the environment - 'Harmony' and 'Climate Change'.
10.The motto of The Prince of Wales ‘Ich dien’, which means ‘I serve.’

Happy 70th Birthday To The Future King, Prince Charles!Happy 70th Birthday To The Future King, Prince Charles!gettyimages

Royal fans congratulate Prince of Wales all over the world 

In the morning, Kensington Palace posted a new set of portraits with Royal family in honor of Prince Charles's 70th birthday.


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However, not only close people sent big congratulations to Charles by posting new portraits but also fans from different corners of the globe. 

We also wish a very happy birthday to Prince Charles, and hopefully, he'll live the same as he's done so far! 

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