Kelly Clarkson Flaunts Her Slim Figure In Perfectly Fitting Black Dress With Open Shoulders

Date November 21, 2018

Guess who's back! Indeed, Kelly Clarkson's back in a fantastic shape than ever before!

The Piece by Piece hitmaker looks stunning in every outfit. Though she oftentimes gets criticized over her body image, Kelly always omits these comments and dons in fabulous dresses. 


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Kelly Clarkson, how are you doing it and why are you so beautiful? 

Oh, Mamma!

The Stronger singer is currently one of the greatest 'The Voice' judges. It requires not only 'judging' contests, but also looking impeccable in various attires. And she's doing it with flying colors!


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Recently, Kelly posted a picture on her Instagram page in an ideally fitting Faith Connexion black dress highlighting her slim figure and revealing shoulders (thanks to making hair up in a pretty bun). She matched it with Roberto Cavalli opened black shoes and finest Vivienne Westwood earrings. 


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Doesn't she look awesome, people? Just look at her shape of the body! The singer has definitely lost it ever more than before. 

What's the secret, MiLady?

Because of You hitmaker finally shared her weight loss journey. Since ever, she was suffering from rough biases and critics, but the attention to such shameful people was never on. 

Notwithstanding, later this year she stunned in a dress with one of The Voice contestants showing her slim figure. No, it wasn't because of sports, as one may believe. 


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Kelly lost the considerable amount of weight due to thyroid disorder, and only with a balanced diet, she could cope with the health problems. She's read some of the books that help her to cope with different situations due to her health.


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So, who would dare to slam her right now? Kelly's shape of the body is so miraculous that she's rocking now! 

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