Bradley Cooper's Blue-Eyed Daugher Lea Reminds Him Of His Late Father, Who Sadly Died In His Son's Arms

Date April 19, 2019

There's always the dark side of each story. Although Bradley Cooper is a funny man, he has own ups and downs which turn into pain, sorrow, and despair. 

Bradley Cooper's Blue-Eyed Daugher Lea Reminds Him Of His Late Father, Who Sadly Died In His Son's ArmsGetty Images / Ideal Image

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2011 was a devastating year for Cooper as his dearest father, Charles, passed away from lung cancer. Before the last chapter, the star rejected numerous roles just to be beside his sick parent. At his father’s last minutes, Bradley was by his side holding his hand.

The Hangover star is a proud family man. He has always made his kin the priority number one, and we can't stand but genuinely admire him. 

His spirit is still alive 

Even though A Star Is Born actor keeps his own family under the hat, he candidly confessed that he sometimes sees the likeness of his late father in his daughter Lea De Seine. 


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During the interview at Oprah’s SuperSoul Conversations, Bradley Cooper affirmed that Lea sometimes looks just like his own dad, and it sometimes shocks him. 

[Having a family has] changed everything. Our daughter, she’s incredible. And I see my father in her quite often. I can’t believe I’m gonna admit this, but I had moments when … I was in the room with her, I would say, ‘Dad?’  There are some moments where she looks just like my father. 


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It must be cute and hurtful at the same time. Being shattered for almost 8 years, the actor and producer can trace his father's spirit in his own baby girl. 

The pure beauty 

If you ever wonder how true beauty looks like in reality, you may want to look at Bradley Cooper and Irina Shayk's only daughter, Lea.




She looks exactly like her parents — a charming smile, expressive blue eyes, blond hair, and just an overall angelic appearance, inherited both from Bradley ans Iryna.


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Pain will always follow us, especially in the most inappropriate moments, but it is about moving on and never giving up. Bradley Cooper's heart has been broken, but his own little family is healing him over and over again. 

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