86-Year-Old Music Legend Loretta Lynn Opens Up About Her Deadly Stroke And How She Is Coping With It Now

Date October 3, 2018

Strokes leave a person's body and mind shaken. Improvement of the condition takes time. Patients are compelled to give up their favorite routine activities. But passionate Loretta Lynn is not willing to turn her back on her fans just yet!

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She suffered a stroke

In May of 2017, Loretta was admitted into Nashville Hospital with a severe stroke. The country legend received medical care and fortunately, she responded to the treatment and made a full recovery.

Her tour schedules were postponed. It crushed her heart to be unable to perform. She told People:

I don’t need to work now. I don’t have to, but I love to. I'm not done yet.


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Her fans agreed that they missed her, too. They sent out tons of messages and prayers filled with love and support to her.

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Her critical health didn't back her down

Beloved and cheered, Loretta, 86, finally spoke up about her dreadful stroke. 16 months after the incident, she says she doesn't let her health troubles define her.

The first thing that came to her mind when she had this attack was wondering if she would be able to sing afterward. According to her mom, she was born singing, and that’s all she has ever done. It was scary to believe that it could be taken away from her.

She went through a complete healing process:

I wasn't going to let it stop me. I can possibly outwork anyone in Nashville. I ain’t ready to lay down and die. and I don’t see any reason to quit now.


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Her new album, Wouldn't It Be Great, came out this year and has already proved her strength. What we're saying is, dear Loretta, it certainly would be great as long as you are still making music!

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Her fans reacted to her spirit

People appreciated her willpower and passion for music. Some were still concerned about her health.

We wish her a long and healthy life. Please, join this prayer for her and share this endlessly!

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