Ashley Hamilton Was Enslaved By His Drugs Addiction Until His Dad, George, Assisted Him To Cope With The Cravings

Date October 3, 2018 16:40

Initially, families help their young ones through drugs addictions. But as time goes by, they are just a lost cause for their parents. Leaving them lost and forgotten!

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Ashley Hamilton had the same curse. However, his dad, veteran and actor, George Hamilton helped to lift it off him.

George helped his son with addictions

Ashely was born and raised in Hollywood so, he couldn't possibly be immune to the darker side of Tinseltown. The singer-songwriter went too far with drugs and alcohol. At one point, it even overshadowed his whole career.


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The addiction was so terribly intense that he had to go underground. That was the time when his father, George Hamilton, barged in and shook him up. He made his son realize there is always a second chance.

It was a painful struggle but his dad helped him deal with it. Ashley revealed to PEOPLE:

I've had some really difficult times. But my father never gave up on me no matter what happened.


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We are glad he is clear-headed now from all recreational drugs and intoxicant drinks. Well, daddy George really made him leave his dirty past behind!

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Ashley's eating disorders

Years of drug abuse did leave a mark on his body. He suffered from chronic bulimia and anorexia. He publically disclosed

I believe it was my problem before I even got into drugs and alcohol. I used intoxicated substances to control the food addiction.I don’t have it perfect even now. I’ve been free from bulimia for years but somehow still struggle with food. Too much restricting or overeating.

His mates in school called him Fatley which he was afraid and embarrassed to open up about. Sadly, it is easier to talk about drug-related addictions in Hollywood than food addictions.

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Sober and happy

Six years of sobriety and Ashley did get the second chance that his dad had promised. In 2016, he and his girlfriend, Renee Karalian, welcomed a baby girl and named her Willow. The new dad, 42, is happy than ever and enjoys a healthy life now.

All gets better in the end, if it doesn't, it's not the end! Comment and share if you agree!

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