‘Leave It To Beaver’ Star Jerry Mathers Finally Found His Happily Ever After In The Third Marriage With Gorgeous Wife Teresa Modnick

Date October 4, 2018 19:10

The American actor, Jerry Mathers is best known by his character as Theodore in show Leave it to Beaver. It was frequently broadcasted from 1957 to 1963. But the star boy, Theodore has grown up big time ever since. He now has a series of love adventures in his real life. Nope, there isn't a show for that on TV so read on!

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His past marriages

Jerry has been married three times. Atta boy!

He met his first wife, Diana Platt, in college and they fell in love with each other. The charming lady attended Vallejo Senior High in California; class of 1969. They married in 1974 but had a rocky start and sadly divorced later.

Mr. Mathers then met his second wife, Rhonda Gehring, while touring in the production of So Long, Stanley. They have three children together, a son named Noah, and two daughters named Mercedes and Gretchen. Unfortunately, this marriage couldn't last as well.

Sounds heartbreaking, right? But the life had true love in store for him after all!

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Jerry finally found love the third time

He married his third wife, beautiful Teresa Modnick at Waterfront Beach Resort on January 30, 2011, in a low-key ceremony. The wedding was attended by 150 guests including his family members, close friends, and some co-stars.

We can tell, the joyous vibes could be felt all around the cherished couple!

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How did these lovebirds meet?

Teresa is also a Hollywood actress. The lady is known for her great work on the movies like The Party (1988), History's Mysteries (1998), and And Thou Shalt Honor (2002). So naturally, she was well acquainted with Susie Mathers, Jerry's sister.

According to Tmz, the duo was introduced by Susie and they dated for 5 years before getting engaged in 2010. They are reportedly merrier than ever to this date and truly believe that this is their happily ever after.

No matter at what age, true love is bound to happen at least once in a lifetime for everyone. Don't forget to share and comment if you agree!

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