Needy Or Loving? Body Language Expert Sheds Light On Meghan And Harry's Incessant Touching

Date July 19, 2018

It seems that Meghan Markle's every move is examined under a microscope by the public. We pay attention to what she wears, eats, and how she acts around Prince Harry. While we found the occasional PDA by the newlyweds very sweet, many people are annoyed by all the touching and claim the duchess 'clings' to her husband.


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It's true, Harry and Meghan often show affection towards each other, unlike other royal couples. But people's opinions are split on this matter: some are swooning at the sight of young love, while others roll their eyes and look away.


But what hides behind Meghan's gentle touch? We have the answer.

Pure love

Patti Wood, body language expert, talks about public's obsession with Meghan and Harry and the reason they often reach out one another. According to Patti, the Duke and Duchess of Sussex have real love between them, which is why they attract attention. Same goes for their PDA:

They each go to do the exact same touch to each other, and that leads to high marital satisfaction. That’s an incredibly good sign for them.


Wood noticed that Meghan's affection can be split into two categories: reassuring touch when she senses Harry's anxiety or search for her own comfort when the crowd becomes overwhelming. Patti summarized:

She does it in both directions — she’s not just a taker, and she’s not just a giver.


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In addition, Patti doesn't see 'neediness' or 'clinginess' in the duchess' behavior. Her motivation is pure affection:

Needy would be her reaching, with a look of longing, and him not reciprocating.

Meghan and Harry are always there for each other, and sometimes, they need to back it up with some physical contact.

Still not 100% okay

Although Meghan Markle and Prince Harry's hand holding is perfectly justified, it still goes against royal protocol. The Queen insists on no touching during public engagements and expects her family to follow her rules.


Oh, well, Her Majesty isn't around all the time, so whatever she can't see won't harm her.

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