35 Lbs Lighter 'Cake Boss' Buddy Valastro On His Amazing Transformation: "I Feel So Much Better Now"

Date July 5, 2018

TLC's royalty Buddy Valastro became famous for his extraordinary cake baking and decorating skills. Cake Boss never fails to surprise us with creative cake designs and entertaining content.

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Buddy's father had a bakery in New York, so he took his family legacy and turned it into an empire.

Of course, Valastro's job comes with a few disadvantages, such as having to taste everything, which inevitably leads to some weight gain. But one morning, Buddy decided to put an end to his unhealthy habits and take control of his body.

Taking care of himself

In an interview with PEOPLE, Buddy noted that he's never felt unhealthy, but he was starting to feel uncomfortable with weight. That's when he knew things need to change:

I just woke up one morning and looked at myself and was like, ‘Come on, you’ve gotta stop eating. It wasn’t like a health scare or anything like that it really was really just, I wasn’t moving the same and was feeling kind of sluggish.


A dynamic duo @cakebossralph

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Valastro's brothers-in-law recommended a weight loss program called Optavia, which contains some diet and excercise tips. He stuck to the new schedule and soon enough started seeing first results.

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The 41-year-old baker already lost 35 lbs, but he won't stop there. Buddy says he still wants to lose 10 lbs, which is when he'll reach his weight goal. His body transformation comes with a few perks, which he very much enjoys:

I’m not doing it because I’m trying to look good, I’m doing it to feel better. I feel so much better now. But when you do lose weight, you feel good, you do look better, and you know, your clothes fit.

But what about his show? Valastro still needs to taste everything, so how is he planning on combining his healthy lifestyle and being the Cake Boss? His method is simple:

It’s hard being a baker because I still have to taste stuff, but now I’ll just have one lick.

Sounds like a reasonable strategy.

Family man

Buddy's success wouldn't have been possible without the support of his family. Now, they can all enjoy spending some active time together, and they certainly look very happy.


Sunday down the shore celebrating with some brunch and a whole lotta famiglia! @lisavalastro4

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Way to go, Buddy!

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