Authorities Released A Chilling 911 Call Of Bode Miller's Daughter Drowning: "Come On, Baby Girl"

Date June 13, 2018 13:40

Just recently, the world found out about the tragedy that struck Olympian Bode Miller's family. His 19-month-old daughter Emma accidentally drowned in a pool.

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As terrible as this news is, the moment after this accident happened was even more terrifying.

911 call

Upon finding Emma unresponsive in a pool, 911 received a call from Miller residence. A woman was desperate for help, while the operator could hear chilling pleas from a man in the background:

Come on, come on baby girl. Come on, girl. Come on baby. Come on baby. Get it out. Come on, honey.

The man trying to perfrom CPR on Emma, and operator was told that the little girl wasn't breathing.

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The paramedics were immediately sent to the scene, but there was nothing they could do to save the precious life.

Reportedly, Emma wasn't missing long before her mom went looking for her. She instantly checked the backyard, where the pool was, and saw her daughter. 

They tried saving the 19-month-old girl, but it all happened too quickly.


I can't wait to get home to my little princess. She's waiting patiently.

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Our thoughts and prayers fo out to the Miller family during this devastating time.

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