Camilla Parker-Bowles Reflects On The Earth-Shattering Moment Of Her Brother's Demise

Date July 4, 2018 14:14

In 2014, Camilla Parker-Bowles lost her brother, Mark Shand, after he slipped and hit his head after attending a fundraiser for his charity in New York City.


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It was a truly devastated loss for the Duchess of Cornwall, as she was extremely close with her brother and always highly admired him.

Honoring the memory

Shortly after saying goodbye to her beloved brother, Camilla wrote a touching tribute to him, which was published in The Times.

The Duchess of Cornwall recalled the day she received the worst phone call of her life, which informed her of Mark's untimely passing. She was enjoying a lovely spring time in Scotland with Prince Charles when her life got turned upside down.

An anguished voice on the other end told me that something terrible had happened to my brother; my indestructible brother, Mark. 


The news hit Camilla very hard, as she couldn't believe something bad would ever happen to her brother. She shared his many dangerous experiences, from which he always came out unscathed. 

My charismatic and sometimes infuriating brother, who had survived tsunamis, shipwrecks, poisoned arrows and even the fearsome Komodo dragons, was no longer with us.

Of course, the duchess had to mention Mark's life passion: caring for the elephants. The last fundraiser he's ever organized was dedicated to this very cause. 


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Camilla ended her tribute with the memory of her brother rescuing a female elephant named Tara in India and added a heartbreaking note:

They say that elephants never forget; Tara never forgot him and neither will we… 


Saying goodbye

Aside from the tear-jerking article written by Camilla, perhaps, the most devastating moment was seeing her breaking down during Mark Shand's funeral.


Prince Charles was by his wife's side when she was struggling to keep her composure while saying goodbye to her beloved brother.


We're sure the Duchess of Cornwall still cherishes the memory of her outstanding brother. 

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