Countess Alexandra Responds To The Embarrassing Video Of How She Disrespected Princess Marie Of Denmark

Date July 3, 2018

Recent scandal within the Danish royal family is yet to be put to rest. This week, Prince Joachim's son Nikolai graduated from secondary school, which gathered his family together to celebrate.

Queen Margrethe II's son Prince Joachim attended the graduation ceremony with his current wife, Princess Marie. They were also joined by Prince Nikolai's mother and Joachim's ex-wife, Countess Alexandra.

Conflict happened when Princess Marie and Nikolai posed for the photo embracing each other, when Alexandra rushed to them and pushed Marie's hand off her son's back.


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The footage was made and distributed by Danish media outlet Se og Hor, and from it, we can see that the tension between two royal ladies is palpable.

Alexandra's response

Obviously, the countess had to respond to such a massive accusation. But if you're expecting apologies from Alexandra, don't hold your breath.

Alexandra's lawyer denied the story on her behalf, calling it a "fabrication" and "deeply offensive"


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Unfortunately for the countess, evidence from the video speaks against her. Se og Hor's editor-in-chief was disappointed by Alexandra's response and commented to BT:

I think you can see what happened in the footage. The countess may have a different opinion to ours, but that's fine.


Proper spotlight

While focusing on what happened between Countess Alexandra and Princess Marie, we're forgetting to celebrate the person who deserves the most attention: Prince Nikolai. Graduating from secondary school is a big milestone, and we congratulate the Danish royal on this achievement.


At the end of the day, every family has occasional spats, we're sure the royals can get through it.

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