Elizabeth Vargas Opens Up About Consequences Of Making Her Detailed Experience With Alcoholism Public

Date June 14, 2018

Elizabeth Vargas, a famous television host of ABC's news program 20/20, recently left her position after 14 years on the job. She's since switched to A&E and now works as an investigative reporter for the network.


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In 2016, Vargas released an autobiography titled Between Breaths: A Memoir of Panic and Addiction, in which she candidly wrote about her experience with alcoholism.

Helping by sharing the experience

In a recent interview with PEOPLE, Vargas opened up about the impact her book had. She still continues to receive feedback from people, who could relate to her struggles, and thank the journalist for sharing her story.

I was painfully honest about my struggles with anxiety and how I self-medicated with alcohol. I felt very alone when I was in the grip of the disease.


55-year-old anchor didn't hold back in her memoir. She provided extensive details of her multiple relapses and hitting a rock bottom with her addiction.

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Today, Elizabeth continues to travel the country and deliver speeches in order to raise awareness and help others battle their issues.


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Although busy with new anchor job and working with people dealing with alcoholism and anxiety, Vargas is focused on personal sobriety and is happy every day with her new lifestyle.

Public reactions 

Many praise Vargas for what she's done with her book and support her goal of continuing to help others.

Elizabeth Vargas is a true inspiration for many people suffering from addiction!

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